More Moldovan women favor medical intervention to reduce labor pain

More and more Moldovan women require anaesthesia, analgesic or caesarean to reduce labor pain, according to data confirmed by the doctors of the Mother and Child Institute. 

Doctors say that the decision regarding medical intervention is personally taken after prior medical examination.

Moreover, the World Health Organization warns against the risk of administering these treatments.

A woman gave birth a girl on March 8 with general cesarean as doctor's approval after examining the mother's condition. 

"I felt the pain during the caesarean, but it could have been more painful in natural way. Now I feel good", said the mother. 

Doctors always advise pregnant women to carry out medical investigations to ensure the ability to take intervention to reduce labor pain. 

The misuse of anesthesia could affect the health of mother and child.

"Natural childbirth helps the baby have better resistance after birth, those are born in medical intervention are more sensitive to external factors. Rehabilitation of the patient on the natural pathway is better and faster," explained the doctor.

Psychologists explain the tendency to require medication by changing the perceptions of women, their role in society, and progress in medicine.

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