More houses on brink of collapse in Mărcăuţi village

The problem of landslides in the Mărcăuţi village, Dubăsari district, becomes worse every day. 

The cracks in the most affected house on the bank of Nistru river, widens 1 cm in just the last 24 hours. 

Cracks began to appear in the walls of the house last week. 

The crack width reaches 13 centimeters, and the house on the brink of abyss any time. 

Members of the district emergency committee also present on the scene. 

"The situation becomes worse because the house is damaged. Living here will put the inhabitants in danger. We have disconnected electricity, gas and water to avoid the potential fire", said the Head of ISGU in Dubăsari, Gabriel Şeremet.

Local authorities are looking for solutions to solve the problem.

"We've informed Mr. Valeriu to plant trees. We're thinking to find another place for them to live as it's impossible to live here", said Mărcăuţi Mayor, Alexei Leahu. 

There are three houses in the risk area.

There are more than 700 people living in the village of Mărcăuţi. 

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