More foreign tourists arrive to Moldova. Numbers grew fivefold over past 2 years

The number of foreign tourists coming to visit Moldova continues to rise. In 2017,  the border was crossed 3.9 million times, by nearly 5 times more than 2 years ago.

According to the statistics, more than half of those who came to our country were citizens of Romania, 27% were from Ukraine, while 8% from Russia. Moldova was also visited last year by a small number of Bulgarians, Italians, Turks, Germans, Americans and French. 

Data from National Bureau of Statistics also shows that most foreigners, over 80%, came to Moldova using their own vehicles. Over 17% came by plane, while 1.5% by train. At the same time, last year, Moldovans crossed the borders 5.7 million times. The number being by nearly 2% less than in 2016.

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