More expensive fuel: ANRE announced new price for gasoline and diesel

Gasoline and diesel will be expensive tomorrow. The National Energy Regulatory Agency has today set a new price ceiling for the next two weeks.

Thus, a liter of gasoline could be sold with no more than 18.22 lei, with 68 bani more than today. At the same time, diesel will be more expensive with 60 bani and will cost no more than 16.32 lei.

PUBLIKA reminds that since January 1, the excise duty for a ton of gasoline has increased by about 9% compared to 2017, and for a ton of diesel increased by more than 8.60%. Oil companies displaying higher prices risk being sanctioned. Ceiling prices for petroleum products are changed every two weeks.

For their establishment, ANRE takes into account the quotations on the international market.

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