More entrepreneurs answer Silvia Radu's call. Playground was built in Buiucani sector

Parents and children living on Alba Iulia street, Buiucani sector of the Capital will now be able to enjoy a new playground that is already being installed. The works are being performed by an economic agents who decided to support Silvia Radu's campaign, Do Something Good for Chisinau.

Residents claim that they were waiting for this moment, as there are no playground located nearby. Parents used to walk with their children a few blocks.

"Not everyone is at home, but they will be amazed in the evening. We used to walk to a nearby dormitory, but there were many children gathering, around 300, from all around."

"We are happy that we will have a playground in our yard. We used to go to other yards, stay in line. I looked out of the window this morning and was happy."

"We used to walk to the school's playground, but now children will be able to play near their house."

"I am happy that people mobilize and do something for us, for the children."

"I am pleased that Moldova develops and starts thinking of children. I believe me and my brothers will stay here and play. The new playground is vibrant."

The company's representative claim that they support most campaign meant to develop the Capital.

"We planted trees, cleaned parks, recently participated at a project initiated by the police. We also answered Silvia Radu's call" representative of a mobile network operator, Andrian Cojocaru said.

"I believe those actions to be important for the citizens, because they will appreciate it more than political campaigns" independent candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, Silvia Radu said.

The Do Something Good for Chisinau campaign was launched by Silvia Radu and urged economic agents to invest in developing the city.

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