More employees will start working at Customs Service during Holiday season

December is the month when many citizens of Moldova chose to return home from abroad. During this period, there is a big amount of people who wish to pass the customs and all of them are more carefully checked.

To avoid any accidents and ensure faster passing at the crossing points, Customs Service have announced that they will increase the number of employees.

"We already have a big experience. During this period of time, we have more employees on duty at crossing points. We use all points. We also have better interaction with border police to ensure faster crossing."

Customs officers will collaborate more intensely with their colleagues from Romania and Ukraine. To avoid traffic, Customs Service urges drivers to use the "Trafic online " application, which shows the real time situation at all crossing points.

During holiday season, trains will also be on a special schedule.

Starting today, train going Chișinău – Iași will also circulate during Friday,  it leaves at 06:43. Until now, the train was only available during the weekend.

While train going Chișinău – Moscow will be available daily, at 10:50.

The time of train going Chișinău – Sankt–Petersburg changed. Now it will be available in uneven days, at 22:14.

Changes also affected train going Chișinău – Bucharest. Now, it leaves at 16:56, 10 minutes later than usual.

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