More and more people support PDM. What does barometer of public opinion show

The fourth survey shows that the Democratic party has more success, while the PAS and PPDA lose their supporters. This was confirmed by the barometer of public opinion. 

The survey shows that if the elections are next Friday, PSRM, PDM, PPDA and PAS will take the first positions. 45,5% of the citizens would vote for socialists, PDM would have more votes than previously, 15%, which is 4% more than in May. PAS rank third. The number of persons who support PAS decreased from 19% to 14,6%.  The next in the ranking is the PPDA with 9,9%. SOR party will have 5,9% of the votes.


The survey was realized in November on a site of 1115 persons. The PDM representatives say that they are worth this place in the ranking.

"I advice all the politicians to talk less and do more. That is what the Democratic Party did all this period", said Pavel Filip, the PDM vice president.

The PAS and PPDA leaders didn't common on this subject.

The survey was ordered by the Institute of Public Politics, whose leader is Arcadie Barbarosie, the husband of Daniela Terzi, member of PAS politics bureau. Barbarosie participated at the majority of the rallies organized by PAS and PPDA.

"We don't know how to present this information. If the elections are next week, these are the parties that will take the first positions..", said Arcadie Barbarosie, the director of Institute of Public Politics.

Igor Botan political analyst also participated at the presentation of the survey. This autumn, two companies, IMAS and The International Republican Institute from the USA have shown that PAS lost many of their supporters.

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