More and more Moldovans who give their flats for rent declare their incomes

More and more Moldovans who give their flats for rent declare the incomes. According to the State Fiscal Inspectorate, starting this year, the number of persons who declare their incomes is up to 7.000, which is 2.700 more than in the same period of the last year. Thus, the state budget indexed over 500 thousand lei.

For already five years, Stefan Racu offers for rent his flat. The man pays 7% of his income. 

"I want to obey the laws, this is why I have chosen to declare my incomes", said Stefan Racu.

The specialists of the rental agencies say that both the persons who gives the rent and the one who rents want to do it legally.

"Both the owners of the flats and the persons who rent want to obey this law, to be more safe. For example, the owner definitely knows that his goods are safe and the person who rents knows that he has a legal place where to stay", said Carolina Turcanu, rental agent.

The FISC representatives made over 300 controls to find out who doesn't want to declare their incomes. They risk to be fined.

"The person who doesn't declare his incomes risks a fine of 200 lei", said Olga Golban, State Fiscal Service direction chief.

The majority of the contracts are made in August and September. This year, the number of contracts exceeded 2000.

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