More and more Moldovan men opt for paternity leave. Over 6,000 fathers recorded in last three years

Over 6,000 men in Moldova required paternity leave in the last three years, according to National Social Insurance House of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, over 500 men requested this possibility since the beginning of 2019. 

Radu Cebotari also wants to spend time with his second child, Beatrice, and help his wife in the meantime. 

"First I want to help my wife, secondly, I want to personally take care of my child on these first days. It means a lot to me", said Radu Cebotari. 

His wife, Adriana Solomon, greatly appreciated this authority's initiative of paternity leave. 

"I had a daughter in 2014, he also benefited two-day leave which was insufficient. Now he can take 14-day leave. It's meaningful for us, new mother", said Adriana. 

Paternal leave is paid out of the social security fund, and the allowance is calculated according to the applicant's salary. For example, a man who has an average of five thousand lei, can raise an allowance of almost 2900 lei.



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