Monument to late Moldovan poet Dumitru Matcovschi UNVEILED in his native village

The monument of the Moldovan writer Dumitru Matcovschi has been unveiled today in his native town Vadul-Raşcov, Şoldăneşti district, three years after his death.

The works have been funded by the Edelweiss Foundation. Its founder, Vlad Plahotniuc, was present at the event especially as he personally knew Dumitru Matcovschi.

The monument is about three meters high. The bronze bust is placed on a column on which the names of the most famous works of the writer were engraved. The monument was made by the sculptor Valentin Vârtosu.

Some villagers say:
"We are very proud that the monument has been inaugurated in our village. He’s our poet. He’s the poet of love, man of the city and we are very proud about him."

"The monument is made very professionally, I’ve seen lots of them. There must be a replica placed in downtown Chisinau."

"We are proud to have a poet in Vadul lui Raşcov."

Eugen Marius Smolnițchi, Dumitru Matcovschi’s nephew, remembers his grandfather: "We should remember he is among us, among his fellow villagers. He was a poet of the people."

Dumitru Matcovschi’s verses are passionately read out by the village children.

PDM first deputy president has said Dumitru Matcovschi was a cornerstone for our national culture and identity.

"I cherish my meetings and discussions with him. I consider myself a lucky man for having the opportunity of meeting this man, intelligent, wise and courageous. There is no better place to install a monument to Dumitru Matcovshi’s memory than his native village," said PDM first deputy president Vlad Plahotniuc.

"I would like to officially thank, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and people of culture, the president of Edelweiss Foundation, Mr Vlad Plahotniuc, for his exemplary way of always knowing how to help the people of culture, and for never showing off because of this. Maria Bieşu, Aureliu Busuioc, Eugen Doga and Dumitru Matkovschi and many other people of culture have been supported by the Edelweiss Foundation," stated Culture minister Monica Babuc.

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