Monica Babuc requested hearing in Parliament after Nastase voted for Russia's returning in APCE

The vice-president of the Parliament, Monica Babuc, requested the Foreign Affairs Minister, Nicu Popescu, to be heard in the plenary after ACUM and PSRM MPs voted in Russia's favor at APCE.

MONICA BABUC: I ask you to use your right and introduce the hearing of the Foreign Ministry regarding the Nastase and Batrincea's vote in Russia's favor. The question is if Andrei Nastase represents Moldova and which were the their considerations to vote for Russia.

The Parliament's President, Zinaida Greceanii, rejected this initiative and declared that she personally supports Russia's return in APCE.
ZINAIDA GRECEANII: Multiple states voted for Russia's return in APCE. I salute the decision to vote for Russia's return in this institution. We must keep order in our state, this is other states' decision too. I will use my right and it cannot be disobeyed.  
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