Monica Babuc: National Curriculum will be modernized to meet pupil's needs

The school curriculum will be developed and modernized. The declaration was made at PDM's weekly session, by Minister Monica Babuc.

"The need to modify the school curriculum, is often extremely difficult and complicated and often creates hardships for pupils to assimilate not only new material, but also take part in after school activities".

Monica Babuc spoke of the pupil's necessities and adapting the national curriculum to the current situation, so that by the time they graduate, pupils will be adapted to adult lives and equipped with the necessary knowledge they need and wish to attain in their chosen professional field.

"First of all I wish to accentuate that this is not an initiative to ease "pupil's duty" and simplify the way in which the teaching quality of pupils is seen. It is shifting the national curriculum to the real situation we face in the present, so that by the time they graduate pupils will be able to adapt to living conditions and have the necessary knowledge they will require to help them on their professional field."

Ministry of Education has created 30 groups, with 500 members that will evaluate the curriculum of each subject taught in schools, including the bacalaureat examinations for 2015-2017 and ensure they fit the school curriculum.

"In November, the Ministry will organize in four zones of the country: North, South, Center and Găgăuzia, public discussions with teachers, pupils, parents, teaching staff, faculties, school managers and representatives of civil societies, tied to the modernization and developing the school curriculum. Based on them, the Ministry will elaborate a project for modernizing the national curriculum and forward it for approval in December 2017" Monica Babuc declared.

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