Moldova's Rebirth in Drochia. Doctors offer free consulting to kids from Hăsnăşenii Noi village

Dozens of children from Hăsnăşenii Noi village, Drochia district, have been freely examined by pediatricians as part of Moldova’s Rebirth Campaign unfolded by Vlad Plahotniuc’s Edelweiss Foundation. The physicians say most of the kids suffer from anemias and gastro-intestinal diseases.

Mothers from Hăsnăşenii Noi say they rarely take their children to the family doctor, as he somes to the village but once a week:

"We have to go to the doctors from Drochia, or from Bălţi. It’s hard. But it’s easier for the parents with kids when the doctors come right to the village."

"The doctors comes but once a week to the village, from Hăsnăşenii Mari. It’s somewhat difficult if we are from a village far from the district center."

Parents show gratitude for their kids enjoying professional medical consulting:

"I have to go to have ultrasonography in Bălţi, and it’s good I have done it here. Thank you very much."

"It’s good they have consulted us. We know now everything is good."

"90 percent of them have anemia deficiency. Their hemoglobin is below 100. It’s because of the way the kids are fed. They should take medication with iron," said physician Liubovi Chiriac.

Moldova’s Rebirth – Pediatrics Office was launched back in April. Over 4,000 kids from 60 localities have been examined ever since. The mobile pediatrician office is to reach over 100 localities seldom visited by doctors.

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