Moldova's Premier: Romania and Moldova, together in Europe

Moldova’s Premier Pavel Filip has published an editorial in the Romanian publication Adevărul in which he pleads for the expansion of the EU over the Prut River, that is to Moldova. He also warns of the danger of populism and thanks Romania for its support to the Republic of Moldova.

 "May 9, Europe’s Day, represents the victory of the peace and prosperity. Certainly, the European Union is the best thing that could happen after WWII on the old continent, and its Nobel Prize for Peace is a natural acknowledgement of what the EU has managed to do, imposing a common space of understanding and human rights.

Respecting history, I think that we, Europe’s friends, member and associate countries, together, must continue ,making steps forward and give the Union a future embarked on inclusion and integration. 

For Moldova, this May 9 is a special one. It’s for the first time that we’re officially an associate country to the European Union. As was Romania’s case earlier in the 2000s, joing the EU is our country’s project, the objective driving all the efforts of the Govrenment and of the parliamentary majority namely because it represents for us a guarantee of prosperity and exit from the history’s gray area.  

As Moldova’s Premier, I see as essential our strategic partnership with Romania in speeding up the EU’s expansion eastwards.  Romania has been and is our best friend in the Union. Together in Europe, we can contribute to revitalizing the European project. The EU’s border must be beyond the Prut“.

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