Moldova's police urged to do exercises due to health issue

Diseases of the digestive system are among the main diseases suffered by the police, shows an annual prophylactic exam. 

Additionally, the institution forces its workers to practice sports weekly to keep healthy lifestyle. 

Physicians have also prescribed 380 officials with different degrees of obesity an individual slimming program.

"If we have a obese employee, he can not fulfill his job duties," said Andrei Uncuţa, head of the MAI Medical Service.

Doctors say that 84 percent of MIA employees are healthy and the rest have health problems. The results of prophylactic medical checkups have shown that 47 percent of sick workers suffer from diseases of the digestive system and more than 21 percent of cardiovascular patients. The top is followed by blood and endocrine diseases.

"The emphasis of doctors is to counteract, to treat and to prevent these pathologies because not all of these pathologies are serious leading to liberation from the internal affairs bodies," said Andrei Uncuţa, head of The MAI Medical Service.

Consequently, most patients are hospitalized at the MIA Hospital.

The Ministry of the Interior has a health program for employees. For example, law people in Chisinau run and exercise twice a week in Valea Morilor Park.

Policemen say they keep their weight which means they become more energetic and more productive at work.

Of the nearly 12,000 MIA employees in the medical institution's records, about 5,200 were under medical control in the first quarter of this year.

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