Moldova's Metropolitan bishop: It is a beautiful day to spend with family and visit those in need

Moldova's Metropolitan bishop, His Highness Vladimir, came forward with a congratulation message for Christmas. He urges people to be kinder, help those in need and express their love for those dear to them.

"Sing praises to God to celebrate the birth of Jesus! With those beautiful urges came forward our brothers, sisters, our orthodox church. Today we pray to our savior and praise our lord Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger in Bethlehem" Moldova's Metropolitan bishop, Vladimir declared.

His Highness Vladimir has also advised Christians to spend this day with family.

"We must do our best to congratulate each other on this day, to sing carols, to bring gifts to all those around us. But it is also a beautiful day to pay a visit to those in need, to help those suffering from illnesses to feel the holiday spirit, to feel this great day" Moldova's Metropolitan bishop, Vladimir said.

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