Moldova's liquors are expected to attract in 2018 more tourists than ever

More tourists are expected in 2018 to come and taste traditional Moldovan liquors. All due to our country being named by UN as the Global Capital of Wine Tourism.

In 2017, the biggest winery from the country hosted over 75 000 tourists from different countries. This year, they expect at least 100 000 guests.

"We also have new tours for the tourists, including visiting the chamber, as well as tasting of three types of caviar, two types of red caviar and a type of black, sparkling and for the first time divine caviar" PR Manager of the winery, Rodica Căruntu said.

Along with tours, tourists also have the possibility to try local drinks and food, that can cost to 650 lei.

Foreign tourists, as well as local ones, remain impressed by the wine collection held underground.

"We heard of this winery and as lover of wine decided to come here, it is truly an amazing place."

"I was impressed by the collection and from what I understood it is the second biggest in the world."

"I wanted to come here. I arrived yesterday in Chisinau and need to leave today for Romania, but cannot do so without passing through here first. Truth to be told, it exceeds my expectations."

Along with tours where people can see how the wine is made, the winery wishes to open a few hotels in 2018.

"We are working to build small traditional houses. We hope that soon visitors will be able to spend here the weekend, or even a few days. We have multiple restaurants, serving traditional food and drinks" Ion Mereuță said.

In autumn of this year, Moldova will host the 3rd Global Conference on Wine Tourism. During this period, close to 300 experts will visit all wineries from our country.

According to the director general of Tourism Agency, this event is an opportunity to develop tourism in Moldova, the effects being already felt.

"For a year people will speak of Republic of Moldova as a new tourism destination that is worth visiting. Tourism agencies from Moldova will have more requests. Each year, the wineries register a 30% growth" director general of Tourism Agency, Stanislav Rusu said.

According to the data Tourism Agency, last year, the number of foreigners that visited Moldova was by half a million more than in the past years.

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