Moldova's Government supports Government in Ankara, takes care of Moldovans on vacation

Premier Pavel Filip sends a backing message to the Ankara Cabinet. The Moldovan prime minister this morning convened an emergency meeting and ordered the Foreign Ministry to set up a crisis cell to help the Moldovans in Turkey.

"We have evaluated the events in order to take care of our citizens (in Turkey.) There are over 6,000 of them in Turkey. It’s summer season and there are lots of citizens planning to go to that area. A phone number will be set for the citizens being in Moldova and willing to leave for Turkey," Pavel Filip said.

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry urges the Moldovans in Ankara and Istanbul to avoid outgoings in public places.

As the social media are still blocked in Turkey, one can contact people there only by telephone.

Moldova’s diplomatic missions in Turkey monitor the situation and will provide new details in case of need.

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