Moldova's football National Team will play with San Marino at National League

As well as for the national football team of the Republic of Moldova, the League of Nations is also an opportunity for the State San Marino to offer supporters a spectacle of success. And this is because the opponents in the same group are, for the most part, the same level of value. At the same time, for the two teams that will face the Zimbru stadium in Chisinau on October 12, the direct game seems to be one of the few opportunities to win a victory. Our "Tricolors" have not won an official match for five years, while Sanmarines have never won an official match in a preliminary tournament.

"Undoubtedly, the League of Nations is an exciting competition as it gives us the opportunity to play against opponents perhaps not of the same level, but rather opponents who are neighbors in the unofficial ranking of national teams", said Franco Varrella, San Marino selector.

For now, neither team nor the other have much to boast of in the new competition. After two stages consumed, the tricolors have one point, no goal scored and four received, while San Marino has no points, no scored and eight scored.

Our national team is aiming to rank first in the group, performance that seems at the moment difficult to reach, while the selection of the future opponent of "tricolors" knows its place and does not get drunk with "cold water".

"I do not think it would be right if I just say I'm enjoying the League of Nations, it's a lot more than that, I'm fascinated by this new competition, and in the next two games we will find out if we have progressed physically, we have achieved the goal of improving our team play", said Franco Varrella, coach of San Marino.

However, the match with such a weak opponent like San Marino should not be approached lightly by Alexandru Spiridon's band. The catastrophic balance of the past five years is getting closer to us in the unofficial world ranking of tiny national teams like San Marino. The national team of the Republic of Moldova is currently ranked 173, and San Marino - 204. So the direct match with the San Marino should clear things up and give us the answer to the question if our "tricolori" can still beat someone.

The Friday match in Chisinau between the teams of the Republic of Moldova and San Marino will start at 21 and 45 minutes and can be watched live at PRIME.

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