Moldova's economy will raise by 4% before 2020

The economy of Moldova will raise by 4% yearly, until 2020. The news comes from the World Bank, who says that the poverty rate will decrease. According to the experts of the institution, the progress is caused by the salary growth.

In the first half of this year, the economy of Moldova registered a 5% growth.

"This growth will be based on the production. The exports are the second important factor, when it comes to economic growth", said Marcel Chistruga, economist of the World Bank.

Now, the poverty rate in Moldova is 14,4%. According to the World Bank, in the next two years, it will decrease.

"It is important for the authorities to provide conditions for the productivity", said Marcel Chistruga.

For 2019, the World Bank forecasts a growth of 3,8%, which is 209 billion lei.

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