Moldova's economy finally overcame crisis caused by bank frauds

Moldova has finally managed to overcome the crisis caused by the bank frauds and is now starting to get back on its feet. This declaration was made during an interview for the International Monetary Fund, by Finance Minister, Octavian Armașu and Governor of the National Bank, Sergiu Cioclea.

Within the interview the two officials were also asked what steps Moldova should take in order to keep going on this path. Armaşu believes that a better tax administration and reduced bureaucracy will do the job. While Cioclea declared that Moldova needs to attract foreign investors, which will speed up the economic development. 

The Minister of Finance has also mentioned that in order to eliminate the corruption from our country, the Government has begun a reform of the central public administration from Chisinau. Last year Moldova's economic growth consisted of 4%.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2016 the internal gross profit consisted of 134 billion lei.


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