Moldova's currency reserves surged in September

The foreign exchange reserves held by Moldova's central bank, BNM, totalled $2.14 billion (1.93 billion euro) at the end of September, up from $2.08 billion a month earlier, BNM said on Monday.

Foreign exchange inflows amounted to $85.05 million in September, representing mostly foreign currency purchases ($62.95 million) as well as finance ministry loans and grants for investment projects of $19.04 million, BNM data showed.

Foreign exchange outflows totalled $23.02 million, representing mainly external debt payments and depreciation of the exchange rates of component currencies of foreign exchange reserves relative to the US dollar.

The gold reserves of the central bank of Moldova were worth $3.14 million at the end of September.

BNM's foreign exchange reserves totalled $1.75 billion at the end of 2015, unchanged from 2014.Reporting by SEE NEWS.

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