Moldova's best museologists awarded Diploma of Honor

On occasion of World Museum Day on May 18, Education Minister Monica Babuc awarded the best curators Diploma of Honor in Awards Gala of Education Ministry regarding museum studies. 

In her speech, Minister Monica Babuc congratulated the whole museum community in Moldova, appreciating their hard works in the field. She highlighted how the specialists had transformed museums into education multi-functional centers and promoted the moral values, cultures, histories. 

She also referred to the salary increase offered for specialists in cultures, which resolved many painful problems facing the experts. 

Moldova started celebrating World Museum Day in 2014. 

Following is the list of the best specialists who were offered Diploma of Honor by the state. 

  1. Aurelia Cornețchi, curator category I, Computer Science Sector, National Museum of History;
  2. Lidia Istomina, director, Cahul Museum;
  3. Ludmila Dobrogeanu, director of Balti Museum of History and Ethnography
  4. Elena Casiadi, chief of sector; Education, Communication and Imagine Sector; National Fine Arts Museum of Moldova;
  5. Iurie Foca, Chief of Photo șef Laboratory, National Fine Arts Museum of Moldova;
  6. Valentina Onofriescu, Chief of sector, Sector of Exhibition and Cultural Projects, Museum of History and Ethnography 
  7. Mihai Dohot, curator, Museum of History and Ethnography 
  8. Maria Evdochimova, curator, 
  9. Lilia Zabolotnaia, History Museum of Moldova 
  10. Raisa Iaroțchi, director, Edineț Museum;
  11. Mariana Mihalevschi, Balti Museum of History and Ethnography
  12. Elena Mircos, director, Mingir Museum of History and Ethnography;
  13. Galina Botnariuc, Edineț Museum.



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