Moldova's 11 schools provided up-to-date study equipment

11 schools in Moldova have received up-to-date equipment that will enhance the quality of the education.

The study rooms will be equipped with 3D printers, scanners, sensors, tablets, robotics sets and digital labs.

This weather station records the temperature, humidity, direction and the wind speed. Teachers say that students will learn biology, physics, robotics and computer science more easily. In total, the device costs $ 160.

"This robot is created by students not teachers. When supported by the technology, the children are inspired to study and experiment," said director of Mircea Eliade High School, Grigore Vasilache.

Students are just waiting to test the new devices.

"We want to watch some world wars in history, we want to observe the experiments in physics, and we want to be exposed to real biologic samples".

Delia is a third-grade student at the Ion Creangă High School in the capital, but she already knows how to build a robot.

"I'm doing robots, programming and learning new things."

"With each generation, children become more mature and are get more experience in technology."

Authorities intend to open a teacher training center and develop a guide with recommendations.

"Over the years we want this project to have a bigger impact on the territory of the Republic of Moldova", said the representative of the Ministry of Education, Valentina Ichim.

Project costs over 300,000 dollars, money provided by USAID, the Swedish Government, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, and a charity foundation.

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