Moldovans working legally in Turkey to benefit from pensions

Moldova Government just approved today the draft law for the Agreement on social security between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Turkey, signed in Chisinau on 5 May 2017.

The purpose of the Agreement is to ensure the social security for Moldovan workers who reside or work in either one of the states.

Moldovans who have been working temporarily in Turkey will be able to benefit from a retirement pension and other social benefits: maternity allowances, unemployment benefits, temporary work allowances, disability pensions and disability benefits, death grants, survivors' pensions.

When establishing and calculating the pension, each country will apply national legislation and pay the pension only for periods enforced in its own territory, by applying the proportionality principle.

Moldova has signed social security agreements with 13 EU Member States, 11 of which are successfully enforced.

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