Moldovans working in Italy will receive pensions and social security benefits

Citizens of Moldova who worked and continue to do so in Italy will receive pensions and social security benefits from this state. The Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission has announced that today, Republic of Moldova and Italy will begin negotiations to draw an agreement.

Citizens of Moldova will be able to receive retirement and disability pensions, as well as disability indemnity in case of accidents at workplace and children of migrants from Moldova might receive inherited pension benefits. At the same time, while they have a job, Moldovans will receive social insurance in case an accident happens at the workplace, while family members will receive entitlements in case of death.

Italian citizens will also be able to benefit from the same kind of pensions from Republic of Moldova.

According to the proportional principle of pension calculation, each state will pay the pension calculated in proportion to the insurance period completed in their country.

Republic of Moldova has so far signed agreements for social security with 13 states, 11 of which are already in force.

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