Moldovans want the programs initiated by Government to continue

Beneficiaries of the "First Home" program believe that the new executive must continue the project initiated by the Government of Filip. People say a possible suspension of the program will further increase the ranks of emigrants.

Tatiana Grigoruţa, along with her family, became the heroine of our report this spring, after buying a home through the "First Home" government program. Then she promised to invite us to the banquet after arranging the house and she kept her word.

"It was the answer from the bank or from ODIMM that it is not accepted, I think it was a pain for us, because we had to stay with the rent again. Seeing that the state is helping us do not want us to go abroad, we want to stay here with the children. They are near us, to see any smile, any movement, any progress we want to see together", said Tatiana Grigoruţa, the beneficiary of the" First Home "program.

The couple has four children and both spouses are employed in the state, which made them eligible to apply to First House 2, intended for the public, and First House 3, for families with children. Thus, they paid 10 percent of the credit amount of 20 thousand euros, and on a monthly basis they pay only 400 lei, the interest at the bank, the rest of the amount being covered by the state. The woman says she would not want the new government to close this program, because many families will not have the chance to enjoy their own home.

"For young families who can not have a home will be a major problem, they will have to emigrate, many separated families. Maybe they will also think of families if they want to increase the birth rate of the country. I think they will think about the young families", said Tatiana Grigoruţa, the beneficiary of the" First Home "program.

Since 2018, to date, nearly 2,500 unmarried families and young people have bought homes under the "First Home" program.

Yesterday, following his announcement that he resigned, Pavel Filip said he hoped the programs initiated by the Democratic Government would continue.

"We leave behind programs that we really are proud of" Good Roads "," First House ", higher pensions, higher wages subsidies in agriculture. for all the money are still provided, that's why we have assured and hope that the new Government will keep and continue these programs, "said Pavel Filip, former prime minister.

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