Moldovans to benefit of European funded programs

Moldovans who want to open a business or obtain new financing for their business can benefit from financial support from the European Union. In 2017, the EU offers over 160 million, money available as grants, subsidies and soft loans.

SMEs can obtain financing under the "Horizon 2020" program, which has a budget of 80 million for our country.

Applicants will receive over two million euros as grants, the money being offered, particularly for support or technological innovation.

For energy efficiency projects, the EU prepared this year 77 million euros. Beneficiaries of this program are construction companies, housing associations.

Applicants may submit files by the end of June.

Moldovans working abroad and their relatives will benefit this year from the projects "Pare 1+1" to develop a business in the country.

The four million euro investment is planned for the production and service sectors.

And improving access to markets and promote entrepreneurship is provided through the "Cosme" of over 2.3 million euros. Small and medium enterprises can get by 250,000 euros in grants for business expansion.

In 2017, the external financial assistance in the state budget is of 510 million dollars, a third part if of the funding from the European Union.

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