Moldovans spent billions on fuel

7 billion lei were spent by the Moldovans on buying fuel in the first nine months of last year

According to the Energy Regulating Authority (ANRE) the figure is bigger year-on-year. Most money was spent on diesel fuel.

The gas stations sold over 271,000 tonnes of fuel oil costing three billion lei. 156,000 tonnes of gasoline were sold in the same period, worth MDL2.5 bn. 

100,000 tonnes of liquefied gas were bought with over 800 mn lei.  

The average fuel prices were smaller in 2016 than in the first nine months of 2015. A liter of diesel cost about 13 lei, three lei less than in 2015. The gasoline cost MDL15.6 on average, 1.60 lei less y/y. The liquefied gas was 30 bani cheaper and cost MDL8.4 on average.  

According to ANRE, the fuel imports surged last year. 400,000 tonnes of diesel fuel were imported, as well as 123,000 tonnes of gasoline and 60,000 tonnes of liquefied gas.

1,150 gas stations are recorded as functioning in Moldova.

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