Moldovans paid all their liabilities and taxes before entering the new year

The majority of the Moldovans paid all their liabilities. Thus, they created great crowds at the banks.

Some people paid their taxes, while others received money transfers.

"I lost my purse on the holiday's eve. I am so lucky that the banks work today and I can recover my cards."

The customers had the possibility to solve their problems until the evening.

"The customers came in the early morning to remit their cards, for transfers and so on. We have a lot of work to do", sad Doina Babaros, bank employee.

Some of them decided to wash their cars and made rows at the car wash.

"Everything should be clean in the new year and our cars too. I decided to come here and was the car. My wife and daughter are preparing the festive table", said Vladimir Tcaciuc, Capital resident.

"We stayed 30 minutes in a row to wash our car."

The ones who washed their cars paid 10 lei for a minute.

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