Moldovans living in Israel will be able to submit a request and receive social security benefits

Cabinet Ministers have decided to begin negotiations regarding the pilot Program between the Governments of Republic of Moldova and of Israel, regarding the employment of Republic of Moldova's citizens as caregivers to disabled elders from Israel, wrote IPN.

The projects aims to respect the rights of working migrants and combat illegal migration. Particularly, professional training and examinations will be offered to migrants in Israel. The pilot program foresees the initial employment of 300 Moldovans.

At the same time, Government decided to initiate negotiations for the Administrative Arrangement project, for the implementation of the Agreement between Republic of Moldova and Israel in the social security field.

Therefore, migrants from those two states will be able to submit a request to receive pensions and other social security benefits from their new residency.

The decisions were taken based on agreements Pavel Filip made during his visit to Israel.

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