Moldovans from Telenești donated money form abroad for a children sport complex to be build in their hometown

Moldovans who moved to live abroad have not forgotten of their roots and decided to join hands and build a sport complex in their hometown Telenești.

For this project, a land forsaken for many years was used. Upon it now stands a football, volleyball and basketball field opened for any who wishes to play.

Children are the most happy. They plan to play more time and become professionals.

"We can now practice and improve our skills in football."

"It is more comfortable. We can come whenever and play, train, develop."

"I play football and hope to become better at it."

"The field is straight, without any bumps. Even if we fall there are slim chances of getting hurt."

Representatives of Moldovans from Telenești who moved abroad are proud of this project.

"The most beautiful project. The idea to build this complex came in this year, it is one of its kind in Moldova. Here children can play and enjoy their time", president of the Telenești natives Association, Mihai Roșcovan said.

Local authorities wish to build such sport complexes all over the city.

"We plan to expand, wish to build small sport fields all over the city. Many children are born in Telenești and we are proud of it" Mayor of Telenești Vadim Lellic announced.

"It is an important project for Republic of Moldova, because those who moved abroad remember and wish to help their homeland to develop" chief of PNUD programs Valeria Ieșeanu declared.

The sport complex required over one million lei. All money came from local authorities, Telenești natives Association and PNUD Moldova. In Telenești resides around 7000 people.

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