Moldovans fell in love with traveling. Number of purchased package tours rose by 15%

Citizens of Moldova fell in love with traveling. Statistic shows that the number of purchased package tours offered by agencies rose by 15%, compared to 2016, exceeding 200 000.

Most popular destination was Turkey, where close to 82 000 Moldovans traveled. Followed by Bulgaria, where 54 000 Moldovans chose to spend their vacation at.

Romania was visited by 31 000 people, whine Greece by nearly 24 000. On the shores from Egypt spend their time close to 10 000 Moldovans, while another 7 500 favored Ukraine. Specialists claim that the data proves that tourism is developing in our country.

Many agencies begun lowering their prices and offer better packages to attract clients. Those who chose to use the services of a travel agencies does so to feel safety and comfortable.

Still, most prefer to travel on their own terms, to have more freedom and save some money.

"-I wish to fly to Germany and Czech Republic. -On your own? -Yes. I know the languages and it is easy to purchase plane tickets online."

"-We chose by ourselves the destination. It is like an adventure. Agencies take you there, meet you, house you."

According to National Bureau of Statistics, last year, the income from tourism was of nearly 2 million lei. Two years ago, the number barely reached 1 million.

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