Moldovans are surprised by presence of harmful bacteria and nitrates in many foods

Over 124 kilograms of cheese was destroyed after authorities found dangerous bacteria.

According to the National Agency for Food Safety, the products were contaminated during the manufacturing process due to non-hygienic conditions.

Authorities found salmonella. Products were destroyed, before being distributed in markets and shops.

Doctors warn that the consumption of products infected with salmonella causes acute diarrheal diseases.

"First of all intestines are affected, the small intestine and especially the large intestine. If the product is well prepared, the risk is small. Salmonella is destroyed in four to five minutes" , said doctor of the Center for Public Health in Chisinau, George Turcu.

Also, inspectors have found 60 tons and 20 tons of eggplant, a high content of nitrates. Specialists explain the situation by the fact that vegetables were tested immediately after sprinkling them with plant preparations.

People say they do not trust the quality of meat products, fruits and vegetables sold in markets and shops:

"I choose fruit depending on how beautiful they are. But we do not know whether or not they have nitrates. I had an intoxication with melon recently."

"Store fruits and vegetables are of trust. Those sold in the market are risky."

Controls were made after more economic tested their products in ANSA laboratories.

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