Moldovans, among the Europeans paying lowest tariffs for power and natural gas

Moldova is a country with the lowest tariffs for power and natural gas among all the CIS and European countries, according to a ranking compiled by the Ria Novosti news agency. 

The cheapest electricity in Europe is in Ukraine and Kazakhstan: 3 eurocents the kWh.

Russia is also in the top with 5 eurocents the kWh. 

Moldova is the ninth from the top with a tariff of 9 eurocents the kWh. The Romanians pay 3 eurocents more ranking the 15th.

The most expensive power is in Denmark: 30 eurocents the kWh.

The cheapest natural gas is in Kazakhstan: 5 eurocents. 

Russia and Belarus come following with 10 eurocents for a cubic meter.

The Ukrainians are on the fourth spot with a tariff of 26 eurocents, as the Moldovans pay 30 eurocents. The cubic meter is 0.37 euros in Romania.

Sweden has the biggest tariff: over EUR1.

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