Moldovan,30 died in front of a bar from Moscow. He wanted to save a somebody's life

A 30 year old Moldovan died in a barrage in front of a bar in the center of Moscow, Russia. The young man tried to quench a beating of several men, but he was punched in his face. The blow was so strong that the man died instantly.

The wife of the Moldova witnessed the event. She was begging him not to get involved.

When he saw somebody picking up his fists, he wanted to defend him, and this time he saw and got involved. At one point, the young people seemed to be quiet, but one of them started shouting at a girl, my husband came in. They hit him and he fell, and he immediately got bruised", said the wife of the victim.

The woman also said that she and her husband celebrated a fiend's birthday. The conflict in front of the place began exactly when the two were waiting for a taxi.

The incident was shot by a person in a car park nearby. From the pictures, it shows how the young man who died has collected a few punches in front and then falls to the ground.

Doctors arriving on the scene could not do anything to save him.

The individual who hit him, aged 21, was detained and interrogated.

The investigators say his punishment will depend on the results of the autopsy. That's because the policemen do not exclude that the Moldovan would have died because of a disease they would have suffered.

The law enforcement officials said all those involved in the fight were under the influence of spirits.


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