Moldovan Zalina Marghiev has qualified in hammer throwing final at Olympics

Moldovan athlete Zalina Marghiev has qualified in the hammer throwing final in Rio de Janeiro. She scored a result of 71 m 72 cm and ranked the third in group A, being on the 5th position in general.

Her sister, Marina Marghiev, failed to qualify in the same event. She got only on the 24th place with the result 65 m 19 cm.

Anita Wlodarczyk from Poland scored the best result. The hammer throwing final will be held on August 15.

Another Moldovan athlete, Dimitriana Surdu, got on the last but one place in throwing the ball.

The weightlifter Natalia Prişcepa started ger performance in Rio yesterday. She got the 12th position in 75-kg category.

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