Moldovan women, ones of the most active Pornhub visitors

Pornhub Insights has published its annual review on the hottest trends, searches and data on its visitors. Accordingly, 2019 saw the proportion of female visitors grow to 32%, an increase of 3 percentage points over 2018. And the proportion of Moldova female visitors is higher when compared to the worldwide average of 32%.
Photo: PornhubInsights. 
In 2019 there were over 42 Billion visits to Pornhub, which means there was an average of 115 million visits per day. There were over 39 billion searches performed, which is 8.7 billion more searches than last year. In 2019 there was a record amount of video uploads, over 6.83 million new videos were uploaded to Pornhub, according to the Insights. 

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