Moldovan woman turns photos in custom embroidery with beads

Moldovan woman has launched a unique business. She turns photos into custom embroidery with beads. Iana Ursu has materialized the desires of her clients starting one year ago.

Today, her business has great success. Moreover, the entrepreneur plans to open a workshop in Romania.

Iana Ursu stepped into the business industry seven years ago, offering office and stationery. Subsequently, she began selling beads and embroidery schemes.

Buyers were those who suggested her to come up with something new on the market, namely, custom embroidered beads. A soft computerized picture is transformed into a scheme with special markings.

Subsequently, the scheme is printed on canvas and on paper. This allows them artists easier to discern the nuances of beads you need to use.

People say a picture is a personalized gift for your loved ones.

The cost of printing on canvas is worth between 200 and 400 lei. 

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