Moldovan wine festival will reach Poland for premiere

Moldovan grapes and wines festival will be held at the end of September in Poland for the premiere. The event will gather more than 20 farmers in the historic center of the city Torun in Poland. The announcement was made at the end of the fifth session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Poland.

"We already have a list of 20 producers with qualitative grape plantings. We will also have a business forum at this festival to connect producers and importers or partners", said Ion Balan, PDM deputy. 

The event will take place under the high patronage of Moldovan and Polish Parliament Speakers. With this action, the volume of table and wine grapes exports is expected to increase.

"The volume of table grapes in the Republic of Moldova is growing. We want to look for other markets besides Romania, a big market like Poland", said Ion Balan, PDM deputy. 

The festival will be held between 29-30 September. Data from the National Vine and Wine Office show that last year Poland was the largest buyer of Moldovan wines, where it reached 14 percent of total wine exports.

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