Moldovan who was shot two weeks ago in Romania wishes to return home

The Moldovan who was shot two weeks ago in Bistrița, Romania, was discharged. The young man, who is a photograph, claims to be feeling well and wishes to return to Moldova.

At the hospital's exit, the 31-year-old could not make many declarations for journalists, as he does not know neither Romanian nor English. Vadim Malogolovenco was living with his family in Odessa.

The victim could not explain why he was in Cepari, where he was found shot. Police established that the young man who was shot six times, along with the aggressor, were cigarette traffickers and were heading to Hungary

Malogolovenco was found shot in a field by a local. He was transported to the hospital with injuries in the back, neck and hands region. In the hospital, the victim was also robbed of 12 000 Euro. The thieves being three employees.

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old aggressor, was arrested. The suspect is investigated for attempted murder and risks a 15 years sentence. The man denies all accusations.

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