Moldovan was awarded with Austria Culture Prize in Vienna

A Moldovan became the best artist of Austria. Mihail Sosnovschi dancer receive the Great Culture Award in Vienna.

Mihail started to dance when he was 9 years old. At 14 he started to study at Vienna Conservatory. He has been taken at the Vienna Stat Opera when he was 17. Now, he still works there. He is considered one of the best ballet dancers in the world.

"To be a soloist, you should pass certain stages", said Mihail Sosnovschi, ballet dancer in Vienna.

He achieved such a performance due to the hard work. Mihail also has a strict diet.

"I have training at least eight hours a day. With such a schedule, you don't even need a diet. I only should eat well, sleep and drink water", said Mihail Sosnovschi.

Besides the training, he is also a ballet teachers. He teaches his students to work a lot.

"I tell them to work as much as possible. Thus, in a year, they will achieve success", said Mihail Sosnovschi, ballet dancer in Viena.

Mihail Sosnovschi is a ballet dancer in Vienna, Austria. He was awarded with the Great Culture Award.

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