Moldovan village, in quarantine because of swine fever suspicions

The village of Rubleniţa in the northern district of Soroca is in quarantine, as a possible hotbed of African swine fever is suspected in a household.

The virus is suspected of infected seven pigs. 

The local authorities undertake measures to prevent the virus’ proliferation and disinfect the cars entering or exiting the locality. The villagers are not allowed to bring to or to get live animals out the locality.

Iurie Cojocari, the owner of the pigs suspected of being infected, says they stopped eating and the color of their skin changed: “The doctor came and vaccinated them. The order was to destroy everything. I burnt everything and buried it there. I have never seen anything like that."

The results of the samples are expected next week. The last swine fever hotbed was detected in northern Moldova in September last year, but the food safety watchdog managed to annihilate it.

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