Moldovan traditional karate-do wrestlers and their trainers undertook experience from Oleg Toi

Moldovan traditional karate-do wrestlers and their trainers undertook experience from a Russian Federation sensei. Black VI Dan belt holder, Oleg Toi organised a two-day seminar in Chisinau. The athletes had the opportunity to improve their fighting techniques and perform different types of exercises under the supervision of the master.

The training lasted six hours each day.

"The only drawback was the absence of the athletes who participated in the last year seminar. We encountered some difficulties due to the fact that new instructors were employed and not all of them have got the necessary experience that was provided at our previous course. The first day the boys had some problems, but now they have entered the pace," said the sensei, Oleg Toi.

"This seminar represents an important stage in my life. We invited a master who  analyzes thoroughly every procedure, move and kick in karate. Regretfully, we don’t have people with such knowledge here," stated the traditional karate-do trainer, Gennady Nicoară.

"In order to apply the best kicks from any position - we need to learn to balance ourselves, feel relaxed and be focused at the same time. To be able to fight not just with an opponent, but with two or three we need to have speed and maximum focus," said the traditional karate-do wrestler, Viorel Bejan.

35 persons attended the seminar held this year.

This is the first training organised by Oleg Toi in Moldova in 2016.

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