Moldovan tourism industry booms in the first nine months

Tourism agencies and tour-operators provided tourism services to 319 200 tourists and excursionists in January-September 2019, up 15,3% more than in the corresponding period of 2018.
The growth of the number of tourists and excursionists was caused by increase of inbound tourism (+15,9%), internal tourism (+15,6%) and outbound tourism (+4,2%).

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 86.1% of foreigners visited Moldova for rest, recreation and leisure purposes, 11.0% for business and professional purposes and 2.9% for treatment purposes.

Most foreign tourists and hikers, who arrived in Moldova, were citizens of Austria (15.3% of total foreign nationals arrived in Moldova), Romania (14.6%), Germany (8.2%), Ukraine ( 7.0%), Russia (6.8%), Poland (5.9%), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (5.1%), China (4.1%), Italy (2,9%), United States (2.7%), Netherlands (2.4%), Japan and Turkey (2.0%), Sweden, France and Israel (1.4%), Czech Republic (1.3%), Switzerland (1.2%), Finland (1.1%) and Bulgaria (1.0%).

Most of the Moldova nationals went abroad for rest, recreation and leisure (98.5%). They preferred to travel mainly to Turkey (34.2% of the total abroad), Bulgaria (30.8%), Romania (11.1%), Greece (7.0%), Egypt (5 , 9%), Ukraine (3.6%), Italy, Hungary and Montenegro (0.9% each), Spain (0.8%), United Arab Emirates and Czech Republic (0.4%), Russia and France (0.3%), Germany, Israel and China (0.2%), Cyprus, Maldives, Poland, Portugal and Croatia (0.1%).


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