Moldovan tennis players performed within ITF Juniors

Moldovan tennis players had their first match within ITF Juniors Tour from Chisinau. Three sports men arrive in the final, while two quit after the first round.

Ilia Snitari lost the match with Goanmarco Ferrari, on a 2-6, 1-6 score.

"The opponent is much better and older than me. I am unsatisfied with my game", declared Snitary.

"This is the first tour of this year for me. I feel very good and I hope I will be in the finals", said Gianmarco Ferrari, sportsman from Italy.

Arina Gamretchi lost the game against Polina Kudremetova from Russia, on a 0-6 2-6 score.

On Tuesday, Alexandru Vitkov will perform his match. He is the last Moldovan to participate at the competition. At the competition participate 120 tennis players aged up to 18.

"Please, don't be severe with our sportsmen. This is their first tour. They are beginners", mentioned Elena Organ, president of Moldovan Tennis Federation.
The tour takes place at the Sportive School specialized in tennis and it will end on February 11.

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