Moldovan SENTENCED to 8 years in prison for MURDER

A Moldovan was sentenced to eight years in prison by the Italian justice, after murdering his wife.

The case occurred on September 13, 2016, when the 43-year-old man tried to strangle his wife while she was slepping, according to

The man got angry after he foudn out about his wife's relationship with another man. As soon as his children have left home, the man decided to take revenge on the wife. Ha has punched on her and tried to strangle.

The woman was saved by his daughter who returned home faster than expected. The man locked the door, and when he heard her mother screaming and crying for help, she threatened to jump from the stairs.

The man unlocked the door, and the girl ran into her bedroom and saved her mother after announcing ambulance and police.

Moldovan did not flee, he stayed in the house until the arrival of police.

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