Moldovan researchers' work published in prestigious scientific magazine

A team of candidates for doctor’s degree of the Computer, IT and Microelectronics Faculty at the Moldovan Technical University (UTM) have carried out a work, recently published in a prestigious scientific magazine Advanced Functional Materials, Moldpres informs. 

The work’s authors, candidates for doctor’s degree at the microelectronics and biomedical engineering department unveiled more researches dealing with the “importance of continuous monitoring and quick discovering of high concentrations of noxious gases in the industrial, public and home rooms.”

The work is part of a more comprehensive research titled „Nanotehnologii pentru dispozitive nanosenzorice” (Nanotechnologies for Nano-sensorial Devices), carried out under the scientific leadership of PhD, university professor Oleg Lupan. 

Professor Oleg Lupan said that this success of the team of candidates for doctor’s degree from UTM was the result of an intense work carried out during two years. “It is about an advanced scientific research, accompanied by the analysis of the experimental data, processing, with the authors being fully absorbed by the relevant scientific novelties,” Oleg Lupan said.

Advanced Functional Materials publishes full-paper works, being the daughter magazine of a specialty magazine Advanced Materials, which published short top papers in the field of advanced materials and their implementation. As a token of high appreciation, the magazine illustrated its cover with a representative picture of the Moldovan researchers’ work.
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