Moldovan Railway to be split into three independent companies

The Executive has approved the concept for Restructuring of Railway and the SE "Moldovan Railways for 2018-2021", elaborated at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Concept contains the analysis of current situation of railway sector, the actual problems and the tools for solving them in order to create a functional and efficient railway sector, in compliance with the EU legislation.

In this respect, it is envisaged to initiate the reorganization by separating the Moldovan Railways into three independent companies for infrastructure, passengers and freight.

The division of railway activities into three sectors which will enable to operate autonomously the freight transport market, will permit strict separation of tasks, guarantee companies interdependence and their orientation towards business competitiveness.

Likewise, the concept aims to create the Railway Agency, the Accident Investigation Authority, as well as the Moldovan railway market for private actors and attract new railway operators.

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