Moldovan President proclaims social projects implemented in weeks to come

A series of social projects aimed to improve the citizens' lives will be implemented in the next weeks. The statement was made today by President Igor Dodon after the working meeting with PM Ion Chicu and Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanîi.

One of the measures mentioned by the president is: 

- 625,000 pensioners will receive a one-off financial aid worth 600 lei on behalf of the state before winter holiday. 

- The legislation will be amended that the indexation of pensions will be twice a year starting 2020. 

- The assistance for the cold season of the year will increase from 350 to 500 lei. 300,000 families will benefit from this aid, up from 170,000 families. 

- The pension will be granted for 5 years in case of death of one of the spouses.

- Increased monthly allowances worth up to 500 lei for over 20,000 veterans. 

- Increased one-off allowances for young specialists in the medical and pharmaceutical field: from 45,000 to 120,000 lei. For the staff with average education - from 36 to 96,000 lei. 

- Salary increase for public employees on average 10%, especially for educators and professors- by 15%. For all employees in the budgetary sector, an annual premium of up to 50% of the monthly salary will be established.

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